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Refueling to BOGRACH

110 грн

We have a delicious novelty !!!
Refueling to BOGRACH
Everyone has long enjoyed the national Hungarian dish BOGRACH, which is well established in Transcarpathian and Carpathian cuisines!
So we decided to help you
And made for you a dressing that will simplify your life in the kitchen)) and help you taste delicious BOGRACH not only in the Carpathian region, but also at home!
It’s simple: there is a step-by-step recipe on the label that will tell you the cooking process. From you only meat, potatoes and water. And from us all the other necessary ingredients
Taste delicious and spicy
The jar (320 ml) is designed for 3 liters of ready-made dishes.
Price 110 hryvnias

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