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Mix of Tea from the Carpathians

90 грн

New set of tea in filter bags “Mix of Tea from the Carpathians” «
This is a tasting set for 60 !!! bag filters💃
Here you can enjoy 3 types of our most popular tea:
❤️20 pieces of herbal collection
❤️20 pieces of berry collection (berry wildflowers)
❤️20 pcs of fermented Ivan tea
This stock will be enough for you and treat your friends😉
Finally, there is an opportunity to taste different flavors of the Carpathians in one set!
As usual:
🌿no dyes and flavors
🌿 gift wrapping
🌿fatter filter-ease of use

60 filter bags

При покупці від 400грн 🎁
При покупці від 1000грн 🎁 +5%знижка

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