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Ivan chai fermented (fireweed tea) granulated

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50 грн

Tea fermented in granules. Drink from fermented leaves Ivan – Tea has a tonic effect, with no caffeine. Contains vitamin C (6 times more than in lemon and rose hips) – this is the famous ascorbic acid.
Fermentation provides the most complete and useful composition of tea. Ivan – tea increases hemoglobin, normalizes digestion, metabolism and blood pressure, relieves headaches. It is a powerful natural antiseptic, treats inflammation and infections. Treats impotence, prostatitis, adenoma. And also – infertility (both men and women). By enhancing collagen synthesis, tea improves skin condition and prolongs youth.

Method of cooking:
Pour 200ml of boiling water over one pinch of tea. You can brew up to 3 times.

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