MIX tea is a real Carpathian tea with delivery

MIX tea is a real Carpathian tea with delivery

You will not find natural teas in the supermarket. That is why a small married couple from Prykarpattia has been producing MIX tea for 6 years now.

Why are the products of TM “MIX tea” so high quality and useful?

All herbs are collected in the surrounding mountains in an environmentally friendly area. Studying the properties of herbs from our own experience, we selected the best combinations and the most useful ingredients. In addition, the collection occurs at a time when herbs contain the greatest amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Drying herbs is not done in direct sunlight to store vitamins. We are responsible for the technology of production of herbal tea. After the drying process, herbal teas are stored in special cardboard boxes and packaged in the process of receiving orders.

MIX tea – healthy drinks from Prykarpattia

Carpathian herbs make tea a good and useful substitute for black tea. As you know, those who have trouble falling asleep should not drink black at bedtime – this drink contains more caffeine than regular coffee.

For example: “Mountain tea” (Ivan tea, raspberry, lemon balm) helps calm the nervous system, prepare for sleep and relieve sadness. Take your thoughts to the forest with mountain rivers and incredible aromas.

Ivan-tea is suitable for cleansing the body and improving digestive processes: it can be consumed daily, unlike many herbal remedies. It is also often used as a hangover detoxifier.

Berry Vitamin Tea from our range helps to strengthen the immune system. Regular customers talk about antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. We have also repeatedly noticed such features. Collections of herbs and berries have long been known for their healing properties. We chose the most optimal composition, which also had a pleasant taste.

“Forest Tale” contains blackberries, which quench thirst, have antipyretic properties, they are recommended for acute respiratory diseases and pneumonia.

Tea from the Carpathians “Longevity” got its name due to vitamins and trace elements that give vitality and strength.

Among the medicinal plants we have used in our collection are herbs that have tonic properties. Tea from them stimulates the immune system, increases endurance and adjusts to work. Carpathian herbal tea is a good morning and a drink during the lunch break.

You can also buy sets with honey and assorted in convenient boxes as a gift or for yourself. After all, tea is always a good idea, and tea from the Carpathians is colorful, tasty and useful.

In our online store you will find real Carpathian tea collected in the picturesque Carpathian mountains. Mixed in different proportions and combinations of herbs are the basis of medicinal Carpathian tea. Herbs help to cope with diseases, to put in order the whole human body. Herbal tea can be taken as a preventive measure and for fun. It is difficult to find analogues with the same properties. And do not look, order a delicious and healthy Carpathian tea, collected by caring hands on our website.

Have a nice tea!

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