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The history of “MIX tea” began with a great desire to make Carpathian tea not only a beautiful souvenir, but also an integral part of family tea. – We – a couple from Prykarpattia, Oksana and Bohdan Bartkiv, have long harbored this idea. After six years of daily work and faith in the product, we have succeeded.

People who are really in love with tea, jam and spices are now working on the collection. Therefore, our products are valued for quality and naturalness, leave good reviews, which add inspiration to improve.

It is especially nice to receive exciting feedback from people from abroad. This makes it clear that our tea evokes memories of our homeland and childhood. So MIX Tea is on the right track.

MIX tea is a product that wins the hearts of people around the world

We want to convey to people the idea that herbs and berries from their homeland are healthier and tastier than imported teas. We want you to present a box (bag, sack) with our teas as a gift. Every leaf, blade of grass, berry – brings home the spirit of the Ukrainian Carpathians. With each of your orders and recommendations, we understand that our plans bring good results.

Catalog Mix tea

We update the positions and mixes of each season. The first idea was a large-leaf tea “Vyshivanka” in the original packaging decorated with handmade textile jewelry made by Kosovo craftsmen.

Later, various tea sets began to appear: herbal, berry, an interesting combination of berries and herbs, spices and honey. Another of our discoveries – Carpathian herbal tea in filter bags – is modern and convenient. Easy to take with you on a trip to work.

Many collections of herbs and berries have healing and prophylactic properties, support the immune system, help fight viruses, invigorate and give flavor.

What kind of tea without honey? We took care of that too. In our online store you will find convenient box sets of tea with honey from Carpathian producers. Suitable as a gift or for personal use. Another “highlight” that we wanted to embody is special spices. They are typical of the Carpathian region, so they add a special magic to the dishes.

If you go to the recommendations, there is no specific recipe, because everything is very individual. What we can really guarantee is that any of our products are genuine and natural, free of dyes or flavors or flavor enhancers. TM “MIX OF TEA” – ecological goods: which are transferred to the atmosphere of the Carpathian mountains and valleys.

Enjoy natural Ukrainian products with pleasure and draw health and strength from the Carpathian virgins, who generously give us their treasures!
We are proud to be Ukrainian craft producers and to promote a culture of healthy living. Along with our teas, a part of the place of power – the Ukrainian Carpathians – will get to your home.
Made in Ukraine 💙💛

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